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Scotia Business, LLC

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Marketing, bookkeeping, HR, training & business administration solutions.

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Our mission

We provide marketing, bookkeeping, HR, training & business administration solutions for businesses.  We partner with businesses to help them grow and succeed in the marketplace. Our team has 50 years combined experience working in the areas of marketing, sales, financial, HR, training and business administration in both the US and UK.


Our passion

We are passionate about helping our clients, whether small or medium size businesses, grow their businesses and partner with them in every step of the way. We are their source to turn to on marketing, bookkeeping, HR, training and business administration.


Our team

Our team is made up of very experienced talent across the areas of marketing, finance, HR, training and business admin. We match your specific business needs' with our experienced team so offering you a well-matched business solution.

We are there for you and will cater individually to your needs'. 

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We love our clients and will work remotely off-site, tailoring a solution depending on your business requirements.

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